Chinese wisdom dictates the trinity of cosmic forces (三气) that governs our existence. The balance of these forces is the foundation to the rules governing the study and applications of all aspects of Chinese Metaphysics.

This state of harmony (天时地利人和) comprising Heaven’s Luck, Earth’s Luck and Man’s Luck results in a perfect setting for a life filled with positive energies, good health, happiness, prosperity, binding relationships and a continuity for the next generation.

Heaven’s Luck refers to a person’s Ba Zi (八字) based on his time and date of birth, secrets of which may be unlocked by a series of analysis. A systematic approach will uncover a person’s life journey past, current and future. A responsible professional must possess the articulation and maturity of assessment before providing guidance to one seeking advice. You may not have absolute control over your destiny but if you understand and balance the elements within you, re-shaping and redefining takes place for the better.

Earth’s Luck is the set of energies surrounding you. This dramatically changes with a given space at different times. Earth’s Luck is theFeng Shui ( ) that you may have control over, be at home or in the office.

Man’s Luck consists of every action you take. Your decisions and executions, when calculated for precise activation, often result in great success. A combination of these factors includes Date Selection (择日) for important events such as purchasing a home, wedding and signing on a major commitment. An addtional feature includes Date Selection for expectant mothers selecting dates for Ceasarian births.

Our consultation services are multi-tiered to suit your preference and requirements:

  • Feng Shui (风水) Consultation
  • Ba Zi (八字) Consultation
  • Date Selection (择日) Consultation
  • Talks