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Master Ken Koh(高宗凌) is one of the region’s most prominent practitioners in Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis and Professional Date Selection services.

As a regional consultant, Master Koh has carried out audits in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Christchurch, Perth, Melbourne, Jakarta, London and Wales. His extensive experience is benefitted by both individuals and corporate clients.

Master Koh’s trademark style is the combinion of Feng Shui with appropriate applications of Destiny Analysis, Date Selection and Qi Men Dun Jia predictions methods. This yields quick results with minimum fuss and in his own words – “You do Less for More”.

Since 1997, Master Koh has been focused on the unenviable task of bridging the English-speaking community with the classical Chinese art of Metaphysics by connecting via talks, media and personal coaching.

Numerous press coverage between 2000 and 2002 included The New Paper, LIAN HE WAN BAO and Channel U. In 2010, Nippon TV from Japan included an interview with Master Koh on the subject of ‘Feng Shui in Singapore’ which was beamed to primetime viewers in Japan and translated for worldwide release.

This was followed by radio interviews by Flight FM and a TV appearance on Canterbury TV of New Zealand in 2011. Following in November that year, Ken was accredited the Master title by the International Feng Shui Association.

In between personal consultations and coaching, Ken has been recieving active invitations by corporations to talks and dialogues. An articulate speaker, his deliverance is often peppered with personal experiences and stories from his professional consultations. His contributions to other media such as Property Guru, I-Property, Jobs DB, Female and the Resorts World newsletter are widely read.

His clients’ portfolio includes radio and TV personalities, CEOs of listed companies and visitors from overseas such as the Director of Obstetrics at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Commercial stints include the advice for the whole building of a local insurance company and invites from various Singapore clubs out of the country. SingTel, Capital Land and Keppel Marine have independently invited Ken to various locations for audits. Locally, his talk circuit includes requests from HSBC, Citibank, UOB, Standard Chartered and much more.

It is said that what sets Master Koh apart is his ability to connect and deliver simple solutions to complex issues. In the words of Nic Isaac who now resides in Kent, UK – ‘I am eternally grateful for the life transformation within the short time I met Ken’.

Master Koh graduates from the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics where some of the best and most applicable metaphysics research is ongoing and also benfitted from the guidance of other masters from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Master Koh is currently under the pupillage of Master Lo Ma Sheng of the ‘Yi Yao Pai’ (易爻派)Academy.


I should have been introduced earlier to the world of Destiny Reading by Master Ken. He was articulate, patient and most importantly, able to advise and guide my family and I towards a better path in life with a most practical action plan. I bring home his invaluable wisdom and take comfort that he will be there when I need further help.

Mr. Gur Dave
Director and Owner
Sunwood Investment & Property Consultants (Los Angeles)

Your advice since 2005 has brought me success with two great homes and happiness for my family. I am and will continue to recommend your services to anyone who needs guidance. Thank you.

Hardeep Singh
Business Owner

It was an enlightening session on self discovery and an opportunity to take stock of my abilities and to plan ahead for my future years.

Lee Choon Nam
Service Engineer

Ken has been a guiding light for me and my family since we moved over from Japan and has continue to do so since we have settled down in the UK. My few words for him - You are a wonderful inspiration to all and I hope you will continue your great work.

Nicole Isaac
Banking Analyst

Chinese wisdom dictates the trinity of cosmic forces (三气) that governs our existence. The balance of these forces is the foundation to the rules governing the study and applications of all aspects of Chinese Metaphysics.

This state of harmony (天时地利人和) comprising Heaven’s Luck, Earth’s Luck and Man’s Luck results in a perfect setting for a life filled with positive energies, good health, happiness, prosperity, binding relationships and a continuity for the next generation.

Heaven’s Luck refers to a person’s Ba Zi (八字) based on his time and date of birth, secrets of which may be unlocked by a series of analysis. A systematic approach will uncover a person’s life journey past, current and future. A responsible professional must possess the articulation and maturity of assessment before providing guidance to one seeking advice. You may not have absolute control over your destiny but if you understand and balance the elements within you, re-shaping and redefining takes place for the better.

Earth’s Luck is the set of energies surrounding you. This dramatically changes with a given space at different times. Earth’s Luck is theFeng Shui ( ) that you may have control over, be at home or in the office.

Man’s Luck consists of every action you take. Your decisions and executions, when calculated for precise activation, often result in great success. A combination of these factors includes Date Selection (择日) for important events such as purchasing a home, wedding and signing on a major commitment. An addtional feature includes Date Selection for expectant mothers selecting dates for Ceasarian births.

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2017 Book of Favourable Days - Feng Shui Book Launch

Auspicious Wedding Dates, Moving In Dates, Renovations, and even days to starting a Diet are now at your fingertips.

This 2017 Chinese Almanac allows you to pick the best between December 2016 and January 2018. It's easy and concise Day-to-Day reference for all your important activities calculated to suit individual references.

Predictions for the 12 zodiac and the Feng Shui for the year are also packed into this much. I have decided not to have this on the bookstore shelves and take in only orders through individual sales.

Retailing at S$24.00 per copy, Singapore orders need to add S$4.00 for local postage. Mailing starts 18 November 2016. Weighs 200 gm and measures A5 (210 x 148 mm).

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Rates for Residential On-Site Audit Package

  • 3 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 600 sq ft: S$800.00
  • 4 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 900 sq ft: S$1,200.00
  • 5 Room HDB Flats and Condominiums up to 1,200 sq ft: S$1,600.00
  • Executive Apartments/Maisonett and Condominiums up to 1,500 sq ft: S$2,000.00
  • Landed single-storey (land area up to 2,000 sq ft): S$2,400.00
  • Landed double-storey (land area up to 3,000 sq ft): S$3,000.00
  • Landed triple-storey (land area up to 4,000 sq ft): S$4,800.00


Rates for Face-to Face Ba Zi Consultation

  • Individual Consultation S$480.00


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